Dear friends of ballet,

the countdown is on, Saturday is “APPLAUS” time again!

Here are the latest news about the competition in short form:

  1. Not all schools have paid the entry fees yet. Please transfer the amount before the event starts!
  2. Some music is still missing! Please send it to us till Thursday 6 pm. In other case, the contribution must be performed without music or it’s completely cancelled.
  3. There’re still open spots for the master classes. So, please just use the registration form in advance for it!
  4. The agenda remains as already published
  5. Rehearsals take place according to the rehearsal schedule and without music!
  6. Seats in the hall: Please keep free for guests and members of the ballet schools.
  7. Please follow the instructions of the APPLAUS team at the entrances and exits to the hall. Admission is generally only permitted between performances!
  8. For teachers and supervisors: Please support us so that fair conditions for all dancers exist. Please inform your children and teenagers about this and take care of peace and order.
  9. Catering: The catering will again be taken over by the restaurant next to the stage.
  10. Parking: Please also use the parking spaces behind the Karl-Diehl Halle, not only at the main entrance.

If you have any questions, please use the contact form or send us a message via Facebook.


  1. Arrival by public transportation
  2. Approach by car