The Ballet Competition „APPLAUS“ is an international ballet competition that takes place twice (2020 three times) a year.

It is aimed at children, teenagers and young people aged 7 to 25 who receive classical ballet lessons at least twice a week at a private school.


Grouping, categories, dance directions and fees

Age group 1 7-10 years
Age group 2 11-14 years
Age group 3 15-18 years
Age group 4 from 19 years
S Solo up to 2 min. duration
D Duet, Trio up to 2:30 min. duration
Q Quartet or group up to 7 persons up to 3 min. duration
G Group of 8 or more up to 3:30 min. duration
Children’s dance (based on classic) Age group 1 K
Ballet (+neo classic) Age group 2, 3 and 4 B+NK
Ballet on pointed shoes from 12 Jahren BS
Character-Stage Dance Age group 2, 3 and 4 CH
Modern dance (jazz, show) Age group 2, 3 and 4 M
Professional (4 – 5 training sessions a week) Age group 2, 3 and 4 P
S Solo 50€ / over 19 years +5€
D Duet, Trio 25€ / over 19 years +5€
Q Quartet or group up to 7 persons 20€ / over 19 years +5€
G Group of 8 or more 15€ / over 19 years +5€
Children under 10 years of age free
Participants free
Teachers (max. 2 per school)* free
Adults from 18€ per person

* The tickets for teachers and trainers are available at the box office.

1 part 27€*
2 parts 40€*
3 parts 50€*
4 parts (entire event) 60€*

*  Extra shipping costs: Germany 3€, Abroad 5€

Attention: Fees can be different depending on the competition and venue. Details will be published under News.

Note: The event will be distributed on four DVD discs (approximately equivalent to the dance blocks „Ballet Competition 1- 4“ of the Agenda).

We offer a photo service. Information on ordering is available in due time under News and at the cash desk. 

Attention: Each participant may only dance once solo, duet or trio in a dance direction. Participation in group dances will be limited to two dances per dance direction for each participant.

Depending on the number of points achieved, the first three places in each group and category will be awarded on stage. All other certificates are ready for collection at the box office. Also the certificates for the schools, as well as accompanying documents can be found at the cash desk after the competition.

Private photo and video recordings of the dances are prohibited. Professional photos and videos are taken by a photographer. The order of a DVD, as well as the photo shoots takes place at the box office.


Special awards

In addition to the above categories, the following special prizes will be awarded:

  • Best Choreography
  • Best musical talent and expression
  • Upcoming talent
  • Best School
  • Best originality
  • Best costume
  • Sympathy Award „Elena“ (personal award of the organizer Elena Sopikova)


Agenda of the meeting

The agenda of the event will be announced under News.

Participants can rehearse without music before the competition. We will publish a separate schedule in due time.



All dances are judged by an impartial jury of three to five members from the fields of ballet and dance. It consists of active and former dancers and choreographers from EU countries, as well as members of the State Opera of Russia.

After the competition there will be a feedback meeting with the teachers and the jury in which questions, suggestions and wishes can be discussed.



Registration takes place exclusively via the registration forms on this homepage.

Please send the music separately for each dance to

Please understand that we will cancel the performance if a song is wrong or not transmitted. However, the participant is free to dance without music.

Please refer to the table above for information on group divisions and categories.

Participation is only permitted if the registration form is completed in full, in printed form and submitted on time. The registration deadline is one month before the start of the competition. The transfer of the starting fee as well as the delivery of the music has to take place until two weeks before the beginning of the competition.



Each participant is responsible for his or her own health and safety. No liability is assumed for the loss or damage of objects and valuables.


Organisation and Arrival

Also is each participant responsible for organisation, travel and accommodation. If you need support, we’ll be happy to help you. Please use the contact form for.


Bank details for entry fee

By bank transfer with subject „APPLAUS“ / name of school or association to:

Wolfgang Streich


IBAN: DE43700100800534259801

For further information please use the contact form or call +49 (0) 176 62563633.