Rimma Velitskaja – Chairwoman
Rimma Velitskaja completed her dance education and ballet pedagogy studies in her native town of St. Petersburg, at the renowned Waganowa Ballet Academy, one of the most famous and influential ballet schools in the world. Already as a little girl Rimma danced ballet enthusiastically.
She completed her dance career as a solo dancer in the opera house. Guest performances followed in all metropolises of the world and she was awarded several russian and international prizes. The former ballet dancer passes on her valuable experience to children and young people. She worked as a dance teacher at the Saint Petersburg Boris Eifman Dance Academy, where the young talents are trained.




Olga Kalinskaja

Olga Kalinskaja was born in St. Petersburg and moved from her private ballet school to the Waganowa Ballet Academy at the age of ten. Within eight years she received a fundamental education as a ballet dancer.
After her successful graduation Olga started her career as a dancer at the State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre St. Petersburg. In the period of her 14 seasons at the theatre she danced an extensive repertoire of classical, neo-classical and character pieces. She has performed with the ensemble in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Greece and Japan.
In addition to her stage work at the theater, she completed her studies at the Humanistic University of St. Petersburg. Olga has been teaching in Germany since 2001.



Tatiana Diara

Tatiana Diara took her first stipendium from A.I.D. (Italian Association for Dancers) at the age of 19 to Rome, two more brought her to New York to the Broadway Dance Center and Steps. She gained stage experience as a dancer in the Opus Ballet Florence (Balletto di Toscana, choreography by Daniel Tinazzi), as a solo dancer on tour with Andrè de la Roche – musical “All the Jazz on Broadway”, as well as on the European tour Francesco La Lauda with Angelo Branduardi.
She lives and works in Germany since 2006 as a freelance dancer, choreographer and instructor. In 2006 she became second place in the VIVA TV show Dancestar with Detlef D! Soost and has since appeared in various productions throughout Germany, including Constanza Macra’s DorkyPark – I’m not the one (Berlin), 50 years of Bravo Show on Pro7 and as assistant to choreographer Marvin A. Smith, etc. Since 2005 she assists choreographers like Michèle Assaf, Mandy Moore and Wes Veldink at the Mediterraneo Dance Festival in Italy. In 2017 she created the choreography for Hubert Hoches Mystika at the City Theatre Fürth.